Property & Inland Marine


We can provide solutions for both apartments and condominiums, and while we can entertain larger accounts, our most competitive options emphasize risks that have less than $20,000,000 per location. We can entertain risks with a limited percentage of Section 8, elderly, or student housing. Depending on the size and quality of the property, Virtus can underwrite habitational products on admitted paper. Replacement Cost and Special Form options are available if the risk has the following attributes:

  • 35 years old or less, or updates done within the past 20 years
  • No aluminum wiring
  • No elderly, student, or Section 8 tenants

In-house programs with fast turnaround time are available for many of these risks.

Hotels & Motels

Virtus Underwriting Group offers coverage for hotels and motels throughout the U.S., specializing in risks with total values of $20,000,000 or less. We understand the need for products to be both competitive and tailored, and our underwriting team uses a case-by-case philosophy when considering each account. In-house authority is available for quicker turnaround and greater margins.

Lessor’s Risk

Our Lessor’s Risk program is designed to provide liability and property protection for building owners of any shape or size. In-house authority is available, depending on the occupancy. As with our other property programs, newer or updated construction will make accounts eligible for preferred pricing or coverage. Depending on the occupancy, standard market options are available.

Vacant Property

Virtus is a very active market for vacant risks, with both admitted and non-admitted options available. Pricing and availability improves if the risk is newer and proper safeguards are in place.


We can consider other types of property than the ones listed above on a case by case basis.

Builder’s Risk

While construction-related in nature, Virtus underwrites and manages Builder’s Risk submissions as opposed to its Western Pacific counterpart. Builder’s Risk is among our leading products as we deliver competitive policies for a wide range of projects. Our program offers policies tailor-made for each risk’s specific demands whether new construction, renovations, or prior-start projects.

Program Highlights

  • Residential, commercial, and infrastructure projects accepted – all construction types
  • New construction, renovations, and projects already underway
  • High protection classes accepted
  • Highly competitive rates for frame construction and high value buildings
  • Flexible policy periods
  • Single Shot or Reporting Forms

Single Shot Forms

  • Flexible policy periods
  • High capacity
  • Owner or contractor as named insured
  • CAT capacity available for wind & quake
  • Flood can be written in excess of NFIP

Reporting Forms

  • Ideal for multiple projects within a year
  • Low minimum earned premiums
  • Monthly, annual, or blanket rates available
  • Options to cover pre-existing inventory
  • Wind capacity available
Click here to download our New & Ground Up Application (PDF Link)
Click here to download our Renovation Application (PDF Link)

Contractor’s Equipment

With the support of Western Pacific’s construction experience and knowledge, we have extended our programs for contractors in order to cover their equipment on both a scheduled and blanket basis. Although we especially cater to contractor clients, policies can be written for retailers, municipalities, manufactures, wholesalers, distributors, or any other type of commercial risk owning mobile machinery or equipment.

Installation Floaters

Coverage is available for equipment while awaiting installation on a jobsite. High limits and low deductibles can apply.

Ocean Marine

Virtus can cover all forms of water based inland marine, including ocean cargo, boat dealers, and marinas.